In order to achieve the best performance with RevenueHits, please make sure you have tried our best practice and monetization tips:

- Try to use our POP ads! They are the best way to earn money.

- Ask your account manager for more info about our famous Adblock pop solution or Adblock banner solution.

- Implement our tags on all your pages, especially your homepage.

- Place ads wisely! Don’t put more than 3 ads on one page. 

- Please make sure you check it after 12 pm CST when the results are out.

- Increasing the volume of your traffic will also increase the revenue you get. We usually work with around 5,000 impressions per day.

Pay attention that just the quantity of your traffic isn't enough, it's also the quality that matters. 

Your users need to take actions with our ads, and not only click on it. 

For more examples regarding how to increase your revenue, please follow here -